Blind Boxes






Opening Blind Boxes offers collectors opportunities to discover new artists and own valuable limited-edition assets. Each round, collectors unlock sealed packages of NFT-linked collectibles, curated from independent creators from around the world. Exceptional collectables of high value will be hidden in boxes at random. Anticipation, the element of surprise, and the desire to collect NFTs drive the appeal to buy Blind Boxes. Opening Blind Boxes also rewards players with BLES tokens. BLES tokens gives users voting rights on the platform and the ability to create their own Blind Boxes.

For creators, including their work in Blind Boxes increases exposure, reach, and direct sales for their portfolio. Smart contracts ensure that they get paid for sales and resales of their work. The underlying technology is a powerfully scalable DApp (decentralized app) launching on layer 2 Ethereum in Q1 2021. We will migrate to Polkadot in Q3 2021. Blind Boxes merges the ingenuity of artists, with the transparency of blockchain, and the excitement of mystery boxes. 



Artin has been designing digital art for the music industry for over a decade. His style features vibrant colors and complex composition.


Lusii is a nimble visual artist whos work emits soul and feeling. Her mediums span from drawing, to graphic design, to collage, and stop motion animation. After many years as an analog painter, she was drawn to the realm of digital 2D art. She draws inspiration and energy from people and the unique realities of modern life.


Limbo Mask

Max Gadev

Ivan Plotnikov


Lusii Rubushkina


Artin Ghokasiyan

Jake Fishman

David Santiago

Jacob Severn

Angela Berrocal

Sonni Frej​



The governance token of the Blind Boxes platform is $BLES. Token holders have a direct stake in the management of the Blind Boxes DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Here they have the power to vote on decisions about the development of the Blind Boxes platform.

 Only 100M $BLES tokens will ever be minted. Users mine $BLES is by participating in the ecosystem. Collectors mine tokens by:

•       opening Blind Boxes

•       acquiring $BLES at centralized and decentralized exchanges

Creators mine tokens by:

•       selling NFTs for $BLES

•       receiving grants from the Blind Box foundation





Anita Angelica Moore

Co-Founder & CEO

NFT enthusiast, crypto influencer, corporate strategist
Ephelants360 – Director, Strategy & Operations
Also: Aer Lab, Eisai, Roivant, UBS
– Yale University: MBA
– Columbia University: Biomedical Engineering

David Shen

Co-Founder & Tech Lead

Experienced coder, mobile development executive, seasoned team manager
Viacom – Senior Director of Engineers
Also: Facebook, Huffington Post


– Florida State University: PhD, Applied Math
– Nanjing University


We want to work with artists across broad categories and mediums of expression.

Start Here to apply as a creator. From digital artists, to musicians, to sculptors, to performance artists-we want to hear from you. Applications are selected on a rolling basis.

Investors and technology partners, please use the contact form.



    NFTs are blockchain-based tokens that are individually unique, irreplicable, and indivisible. NFTs are used to create verified transparent digital ownership of anything from digital art, crypto collectibles, in-game items, or physical assets.
    NFTs unlock the ability to create certifiable digital ownership of individual works of art. The process of minting/tokenized involves creating a unique smart contract based token that lives on a blockchain. Ownership of the NFT equals ownership of the underlying work of art.
    Standards are a compelling selling point for NFTs. They determine the basic functionality and behavior of an asset. ERC721 is a smart contract standard that provides a mapping of unique identifiers (each of which represents a single asset) to addresses representing the owner of that identifier. ERC721 also provides a permissioned way to transfer these assets.

    Blind Boxes expands the exposure, reach, and circulation of artists’ work. Each time a piece is sold within a Blind Box, the original creator gets proceeds. Smart contracts also ensure that they automatically get paid a percentage of any future resales of the piece.


    Participating in Blind Boxes exposes artists to new collectors that may not have otherwise discovered them. The transparent nature of NFTs allows creators to easily connect with every buyer that has ever purchased their work. Following initial sales within Blind Boxes, artists can use this connection creatively to cultivate ongoing engagement with their fanbase.

    Blind Boxes combines the excitement of mystery boxes with the power of blockchain. For collectors, it is a fun, beginner-friendly way to build their NFT collections. Each Blind Box provides access to limited-edition assets at various price ranges. Offering the items in sealed or “blind” boxes eliminates the “paradox of choice” issue that can occur in crowded marketplaces. Blind Boxes also simplifies the discovery process. Instead of searching for individual NFT works on multiple platforms, users can purchase Blind Boxes filled with a limited-edition, potentially highly-valuable collectibles, pooled from diverse sources.
    NFT standards allow these assets to seamlessly move between ecosystems. When you mint an NFT you can rest assured that it will be compatible with existing marketplaces and wallet providers.
    Blind Boxes is invite-only for artists. Please submit an application here. We look forward to hearing from you.