Sereniffty on Blind Boxes

Sereniffty is a verified creator on Blind Boxes

Having sold out multiple collections on Blind Boxes in 2021, this classically trainied award winning artist is no stranger to our community. Her art has been exhibited at prestigious galleries globally including the Central House of Art in Moscow, Aria Art Gallery in London, and Nous in Vienna.


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Serenifty collections on Blind Boxes

renaissance Contemporary

With numerous sold-out collections in the traditional art world and the NFT space, she has returned to Blind Boxes with ‘Renaissance Contemporary’, a curated collection of NFTs accompanied with original canvases.

Buyers can claim free delivery of a full-sized canvas with each NFT purchase from this collection.

Surreal Serenity

Surreal Serenity

Surreal Serenity’ is limited edition series is a surrealist take on cyberpunk astronauts, aliens and beautiful animal creatures that inhabit an unknown part of the universe.  This collection debuted in early 2021 and quickly sold out.

Hashlips x Sereniffty Collab

In May 2021, HashLips and Sereniffty teamed up to drop 'Going to the Moon', a collaborative NFT collection on Blind Boxes.

The talented duo brought together their contrasting styles for a themed series of six limited-edition NFTs.